Top 5 Worst Things About Kansas City Wheel

We've asked our TKC blog community for ideas and surveyed the local Internets discourse in order to compile this definitive listing. 

To wit . . . 


Actually . . . It's the Westside Wheel but so many of our middle-class friends are troubled by any perceived instance of alleged cultural appropriation . . . And intentional misspellings. 

Check our math and offer your own suggestions . . . In no particular order:

Why Are We Following STL's Lead Again?!?!

This plan didn't work for Union Station in STL . . . If fact, it's like a giant "vacant" sign for a familiar development scheme that never materialized.

There Are Now Half-A-Dozen Entertainment Districts From Near Downtown To The Plaza

Crossroads, P&L District, 18th & Vine, River Market, Westport & Martini Corner all have more charm and allure than drinking under a bridge. Sorry.

When Was The Last Time Any Reasonable Adult Wanted To Ride A Ferris Wheel?!?

This is the big one for TKC . . . Ferris Wheels are a ride most people skip at the State Fair . . . The view is nice but actually not as good as 35 North looking the same direction. 

Instagram Traps Are Now KC's Biz Model?!?

Social media "wining" is relative and the Internets is littered with so many dead accounts that earned lots of likes & shares but not much real interest.

Blame Yourself For Getting Mugged

Actually . . . We're hoping this warning prevents any suffering. The location is a 2 minute walk from a rough liquor store that has hosted more than a couple of shootings in recent years. Certainly, we hope the wheel lights up the area and brings in biz and happy people . .  .Then again . . . Even the best places in KCMO have endured worsening KCMO crime. 

Now . . .

In fairness . . . Tell us why we're wrong OR provide your own reason for Kansas City wheel skepticism. 

Either way . . . TKC only serves to provide an overview of the local discourse and downtown given that it's very likely the wheel WON'T look out on a baseball stadium any time soon. 

Developing . . .