TKC Cinematic Suggestion: Robert Altman's 'Kansas City' Captures Iconic Eras

A quick tidbit about this movie . . .

Just about everybody over 40 "creative" in this town worked on this movie as a starry-eyed youngster.

Yes, TKC was one of many of production assistants for a couple of days.

And so . . 

There are two "eras" at play . . . The movie is a smart celebration of the Jazz age in Kansas City AND it's a Gen-X milestone wherein so many of us thought of Kansas City as part of the American cinematic landscape. 

Very soon . . . Locals are going to relive their glory days and offer more insight about the movie . . .

"Altman’s homecoming graces the Screenland Armour on Sunday, September 17 at 3:30 p.m. Barhydt, historian Chuck Haddix and UMKC professor and filmmaker Mitch Brian will be taking part in a Q&A. Filmmaker Don Maxwell (Civil War Stories) will be moderating."

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Screenwriter Frank Barhydt goes on the record about his time with Robert Altman's film Kansas City

Courtesy Missouri Film Office Robert Altman's movies like The Long Goodbye, The Player, Short Cuts and, of course, California Split made the director seem like a cynical Los Angeles insider, but the prolific filmmaker was born and raised in Cowtown and never really abandoned his roots.