Spiking Evictions Worsen KC Pet Project Overcrowding Crisis

Economics and not sketchy "no kill" policy and mismanagement are causing animal control problems in Kansas City according to THE VERY SAME LADY who said that donations would pay for GO Bond funding gaps. 

And yes . . . We constantly harp on this #TBT nitpick if only because anybody else who promised MILLIONS but never delivered the cash would suffer at least a bit of local criticism.

Here's her latest story:

KC Pet Project Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate says people are telling their workers they cannot find housing for their pets and they’re losing their homes, among other reasons.

She says the cost of pet care has risen, and people are finding less affordable housing that accept pets.

“It's not being able to find housing that allows animals, it's not being able to care for them anymore,” Fugate said.

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KC Pet Project seeing triple digit increase in animals impounded by officers due to evictions

The KC Pet Project saw a 275% jump from July to August in the number of animals impounded by officers due to evictions.