Southwest Trafficway & Westport Pedestrian Hit & Run Danger Worsens

We can only drivers to be careful in this part of town. 

Beloved midtown scamps often dart out into traffic and cars mistaking the street for suburbia often driver far to rapidly.

Here's an update on yet another crash as Winter always makes these problems worse . . . Check-it:

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department says that around 3:06 a.m., a pedestrian was crossing West 39th Street to the east using the crosswalk.

A "light-colored vehicle" driving north on Southwest Trafficway did not stop for a red light and hit the pedestrian, according to police. The pedestrian landed in the roadway and the vehicle fled the scene.

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Pedestrian suffers life-threatening injuries in hit-and-run crash early Sunday morning in Westport

A pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries in a crash early Sunday morning in Kansas City, Missouri's Westport neighborhood.