Social Media Documents Abandoned Mission Gateway Sunflower Takeover

Forgive us this melancholy end of Summer post but we think that Sunflowers growing amid the defunct Golden Ghetto development is bittersweet and strangely hopeful . . . For news purposes beyond fair use pretty newsworthy pix, here's a reminder of the wreckage for our fellow newshounds:

After nearly 18 years, the site remains the same – slabs of concrete, stairs that lead nowhere and an unfinished parking garage. It will now stay that way for at least another year and a half until the city works out the foreclosure lawsuit.

The eyesore was supposed to be a mixed-used development centered around an entertainment complex and was going to be built in two phases.

The city said that the New-York based developers leading the project, Aryeh Realty, failed to pay the city nearly $450,000 dollars in taxes.

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Mission Gateway project comes to a halt

The long-delayed Mission Gateway Project at the corner of Johnson Drive and Roe Avenue has yet again hit another hurdle.