Small Town Comeback Near Kansas City?!?

Pro newsies consider a trend that might be just an extension of suburban life amid great tech opportunities. 

Here's the conversation that doesn't bode well for so many downtown boosters who imagined everyone moving inside the loop to pay 3K per month rent . . . Check-it:

For many years, the dominant narrative has said that small towns across the Midwest were drying up and losing their populations to metropolitan areas. During the pandemic, many large cities saw their populations decline as folks fled to the suburbs.

KCUR's Steve Kraske sat down with Flatland's Cami Koons to talk about how some rural communities are revitalizing their downtown districts with hopes of attracting younger, city-dwelling tourists.

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Revitalizing small towns around Kansas City

Rural communities across Kansas and Missouri are trying their hand at revitalization. In the face of population decline, many towns are putting effort into beautification - updating bike trails, investing in local business and Main Streets, and renewing interests in local history - in the hopes of attracting visitors and new residents.