Here's something to notice about the coverage . . .

Local news downplays her smutty social earning power that is more than the average salary for most workers on the low end. 

Here's the sitch and more "news" reporting . . .

"Put on leave from St Clair High School in Missouri after administrators received a report an employee 'may have posted inappropriate media on one or more internet sites'.

"The English teacher, who used the alias Brooklin Love for her pornographic content, was suspended on Wednesday."

The money line . . . 

"According to the Post-Dispatch, she made about $42,000 last year teaching freshman and sophomore English. She says she earns an additional $8,000 to $10,000 a month performing on OnlyFans."

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Missouri high school teacher suspended over her OnlyFans account

Married mom-of-two and high school teacher Brianna Coppage is currently suspended from her post at St Clair High School, MO after students discovered her OnlyFans page.

St. Clair English teacher on leave over 'Onlyfans' page

The St. Clair County School District placed a high school English teacher on leave after discovering her profile on the pornography website OnlyFans.

Missouri teacher on leave after school district discovers her OnlyFans porn page

The high school teacher in St. Clair has no regrets about joining OnlyFans but says she misses her students and wishes events had unfolded "in a different way."

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