Show-Me Fed Flex Against House Speaker

Reading between the lines of this story . . .

It's a nothing burger. And this kind of posturing usually indicates we're getting ready for an entertaining Jeff City session.

Here's the crux of the story but click the link because there's an entertaining passage about (gasp!) feds showing up to a meeting . . .

House Speaker Dean Plocher vehemently denies the accusations, which were uncovered through public records obtained by The Independent under Missouri’s Sunshine Law.

But Dana Miller, chief clerk of the House since 2018 and a chamber staff member since 2001, wrote in an email to a GOP lawmaker last week about “threats made by Speaker Plocher concerning my future employment.”

She wrote that Plocher made statements to her “connecting this contract with campaign activity” — suggesting the speaker’s motivation was his 2024 campaign for lieutenant governor — and expressed that she had “growing concerns of unethical and perhaps unlawful conduct.”

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Missouri lawmaker accused of 'unlawful' conduct in push for contract, drawing FBI scrutiny * Missouri Independent

The top Republican in the Missouri House is facing allegations he threatened the employment of a nonpartisan legislative staffer.