Show-Me Fall Flamethrower Fun With Missouri Republicans

Torching "the liberal agenda" inspires criticism and celebration across social media for two Missouri politicos. 


Either way it seems like something to spark attention and create a distraction from any kind of reasonable discussion about crumbling American healthcare infrastructure. 

Progressive blogs are clinging to this issue with typical self-righteous indignation.

Again . . . We're not sure if it would even inspire most people with real-life friends to pause from scrolling on their phones  . . . Here's a crybaby passionate screed on the topic and a commendable attempt at objectivity that still submits to Goodwin's Law:

"They are now clarifying it’s not an actual book burning, since they’d have to purchase the books in question and they don’t want to do that, and yeah maybe they don’t want to be portrayed as doing exactly what the Nazis did either. So much so that, despite earlier declaring that this is a matter of destroying “naughty books” in effigy, they are now apparently saying that the burn is of the vague “liberal agenda.” Whatever that means."

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Missouri Republicans Use Flamethrowers On Empty Boxes Meant To Represent "Naughty" LGBTQ Books - Joe.My.God.

First, a new report by the American Library Association: Texas made the most attempts to ban or restrict books in 2022, according to a new report from the American Library Association. Florida, South Carolina, Missouri and Utah weren't far behind. Shirley Robinson of the Texas Library Association told the association: "Book challenges and censorship are ...