Show-Me Claire McCaskill Admitting Mockery Against Biden

The former Senator turned pundit attempts to talk her way out of a cruel observation that offers insider perspective at the current Commander-In-Chief before his election triumph . . . Check-it:

"I remember us laughing sometimes at Joe Biden when he was vice president in the cloak room of the Senate. I mean I wasn’t laughing, sorry, Mr. President, but other people were kind of making fun of him. Al Gore, same thing. Dan Quayle, same thing. Vice presidents have a tough job. But why is America so convinced? I mean, this is a woman of great accomplishment… Why is this Kamala Harris a problem instead of an asset?" she asked Ignatius.

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Claire McCaskill recalls her, other Senators 'laughing sometimes at Joe Biden' when he was VP

Claire McCaskill recalled her and other U.S. Senators at times "laughing" at Joe Biden while he was vice president in an MSNBC appearance on Wednesday.