SHOCKER: KCPD Arrests People

Today the local news cartel is carrying a bit of activism disguised as journalism by way of arrest data. 

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing homicide surge . . . It might be hard for locals to imagine that local po-po need to be arresting FEWER people as this story imagines . . . Check-it . . . 

"Between six and 12 people were either mistakenly arrested on warrants that had been canceled or interacted with police and were let go despite having an active warrant for their arrest . . . The people mistakenly arrested were each held for a few hours."

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Kansas City Police made arrests based on rescinded warrants, records show

Records obtained by the Missouri Independent show that, during a software transition in 2021, the Kansas City Police department had been warned of possible technical issues that could lead to false arrests, but a court official said those risks were "ignored."