Shawnee Short-Term Rental Crackdown Coming Soon?!?

This Golden Ghetto city doesn't have a lot of patience for real estate schemes. 

Our old friend Tracy sent a scathing e-mail far & wide this week and her "concerns" seem to be resonating throughout Johnson County.

Here's a peek at neighborhood progress against the tech sharing economy . . .

"City officials say they’ve received a growing number of complaints in single-family neighborhoods about noise, parking, alcohol and trash at Airbnb and Vrbo locations. And now the city is considering whether to regulate them more or get rid of them altogether, as a growing number of cities nationwide, including New York City and Dallas, crack down. "

"Shawnee could be one of the first cities in Johnson County to do so. Prairie Village officials also have discussed regulating short-term rentals in residential areas. The Overland Park City Council last year passed an ordinance regulating nuisance parties, which came out of a study of short-term rentals following a fatal shooting at one."

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Will this Johnson County city restrict - even ban - Airbnbs? Neighbors are complaining

"We need to provide the people who are a here a nice home," said one council member. "I don't see that as our duty to provide a nice vacation spot on the weekends."