Prog Blog Reality Check: Kansas Hates Guns & Missouri Loves COVID Vaxx?!?

Forgive our behind the scenes view into the local news cartel. 

Because most of the plebs don't understand how this works . . . We attempt to explain the sitch yet again: 

Non-profits now dominate Kansas City news. 

In KCMO there's a news cartel that calls itself a collective. 

As far as state news goes . . . There are a couple of news blogs that have earned awards and pretend to ask old ladies for money when it's pretty obvious that their cash comes at the national level from mostly anonymous sources. 

Fair game . . . There are more than a few sketchy GOP-focused blogs out there that also deserve skepticism. 

Maybe one less given that they might lock up Gateway Pundit. 

However . . . Right now two headlines from our prog blog colleagues deserve an eyebrow raise for the midday.

Read more via links . . .

Kansas gun safety advocates urge stronger firearm laws, more safe storage measures - Kansas Reflector

During National Suicide Prevention Month, gun safety advocates shed light on rising rates of firearm suicide in the state.

COVID vaccine post from Missouri health department sparks backlash on social media * Missouri Independent

The new COVID vaccine is expected to be available in Missouri soon and aims to dampen the effects of the current viral surge in the U.S.

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