Prairie Village Petitioners Promise To Shake Up Local Government Status Quo

Again . . . We post this note because critics claim this effort is somehow "racist" whilst se see STAKEHOLDERS working for local Democracy and not getting enough coverage.

Accordingly, here's the latest note that caught our attention . . .

 Dear Petition Deniers and PV United Supporters,

1. Read the pleadings in the case. It will be evident that the City was not just seeking a court blessing of the initiative petitions. Rather, it raised every technicality it could think of and then some. The City was just trying to prevent PV residents from voting.

2. Rezoning with ADUs is very much alive. Setting aside all of the petty technical arguments the City raised (all rejected by the judge), the City had only one real defense to the Rezoning Petition—that ADUs were still on the table buried as a concept in the Village Vision 2.0 comprehensive plan and the initiative petition could not change that legislation. Thus, even though the Rezoning Petition was legal, and even the City could adopt it still, the judge deemed it Administrative such that it could not be adopted by the voters.

3. Running Out the Clock. When the City realized all of its arguments on the Adoption Petition were rejected by the judge, it pitched a fit—demanding that the judge (a) change her ruling, (b) stay the ruling, (c) threatened to appeal her, and (d) inundated her with paperwork to delay her ruling. This all-out, over-the-top assault was not the City honestly looking for a Court blessing, it was a barrage to prevent the vote.

REMEMBER, The City Council paid for this court assault on its own constituents with taxpayer money. Remember that when you go to vote on November 7.

PV United, Inc. has been receiving an outpouring of support, and will redouble its efforts to see that the City Council is streamlined, that people get to vote, and that the City Council Members and Mayor are truly responsive to PV citizens.


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Stop PV Rezoning | PV Neighborhoods

At a special City Council meeting, your elected council members refused to accept the will of thousands of Prairie Village residents. Instead, they chose to sue PV United and our attorney to stifle our voices and prevent the county-certified petitions from going to a vote.