Patrick Mahomes STILL Underpaid?!?

The QB might be able to command more cash some place else.

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Bored sports newsies are celebrating the mythology of Kansas City's greatest QB and his EPIC money that offers more entertainment than early season NFL football.

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The Chiefs and Mahomes settled on making him the highest paid NFL player over the next four seasons by giving him $210.6 million over the next four seasons, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday. Prior to Mahomes’ new contract, Lamar Jackson’s $208 million through 2026 was the highest, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

But does that reflect his true value to the Chiefs and to the NFL? In an interview with ESPN this summer, Mahomes acknowledged he wasn’t sure how much he could command if the NFL didn’t have a salary cap or other rules restricting pay.

“You wonder about it,” Mahomes said. “It’s just not the reality of what it is.”

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Will Patrick Mahomes ever be paid what he's worth?

The Chiefs restructured Mahomes' deal on Monday, giving him $210.6 million though 2026, the most money in NFL history over a four-season span.

Here's the best write-up about the contract restructure that resonated across the globe:

Mahomes gets PAID! Chiefs QB restructures his deal to earn $210m

The two-time Super Bowl champion is widely regarded as the best player in the NFL and his reworked contract reflects that, ensuring he earns the most money in league history over four years.

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New Patrick Mahomes Contract Has One Key Advantage for Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has restructured his contract and in the new agreement, there's a very important potential bonus for the team.

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