Paddy & Brit Mahomes Share Favorite Things

Well . . . They "share" a look at their good life . . . And mostly show-off. 

Still, yet another cutse-y interview is worth a look if only to inspire fear and loathing about our own relationships that aren't worth hundreds of millions of bucks. 

To be fair . . . TKC is unwilling to enter into any kind of marital agreement that doesn't acknowledge that sex agreements betwixt church & state are basically a death pact . . . Alas that's PROBABLY why we remain single and subsist on coffee, Irish soul music, snack cakes and a burning desire to bask in the embers of post-capitalism realized. 

In the meantime, this latest clip from our eternal homecoming King & Queen is adorable.

The cuteness factor ALMOST makes us forget about the modern day slavery at work in the cobalt mines of the Congo that keep most of our tech devices running.

Here's a description and then the video . . .

"There are a few things Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can't live without. From a bag of Doritos and Oakley sunglasses to his Super Bowl ring and his wife Brittany, these are the defending Super Bowl champion's ten essentials."

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