Newsflash: Kansas City Star Rejects Conservative Editorials

The last remaining subscribers of the newspaper are typically treated to all manner of sketchy screeds from activists and crackpots from throughout the metro . . . Meanwhile, a rebuttal from the other side never manages to find a place in dead-tree pages . . . Here's a bit of perspective along with quite a few examples from our right-wing pals: 

AFP-Kansas Executive Director Elizabeth Patton said this comes down to a double standard with the Star.

“It’s a travesty that the Kansas City Star seems to be applying their standard only to those with whom they disagree,” she said. “Our voice as a grassroots organization who works day in and day out to pass policy to further the American Dream should not be considered invalid or unworthy of publication because we disagree with the editorial board.”

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Kansas City Star rejects opinions with which it disagrees - The Sentinel

The Kansas City Star says it won't accept guest columns from organizations, but it does if it agrees with its own viewpoiint,