Missouri Box Pyro Politico Promises To Burn Books If Elected

The bigger question . . .


Full disclosure . . . TKC has never understood the vitriol against Guv Parson and that bandwagon seems kinda lame and nothing more than a bunch of Democratic Party activists tweeting for each other. 

So far . . . The Dems haven't found a truly impressive candidate. 

Meanwhile . . . 

There are always a lot of GOP options and it's unclear if some dude burning things qualifies him for anything other than a prize for trolling . . . Which is probably just a check from Elon Musk for 50 bucks.

Here's a perspective and a reminder that the guy didn't burn any books . . . This time . . . Cue the scary music to play whilst reading this quote . . .

Bill Eigel, currently a state senator, is seeking the 2024 Republican nomination for governor. The video shows him and another GOP state senator, Nick Schroer, setting cardboard boxes on fire with flamethrowers at a Republican fundraising event held Friday in Missouri’s St. Charles County.

The video was shared widely across social media, leading some to accuse Eigel of book burning. But he and other Republicans said the boxes were empty.

“In the video, I am taking a flame thrower to cardboard boxes representing what I am going to do to the leftist policies and RINO corruption of the Jeff City swamp,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, referring to Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri. “But let’s be clear, you bring those woke pornographic books to Missouri schools to try to brainwash our kids, and I’ll burn those too — on the front lawn of the governor’s mansion.”

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Missouri Republican Vows to Burn 'Woke Pornographic Books' If Elected Governor

State Sen. Bill Eigel said he didn't burn books but instead empty boxes in a recent video, however.

This Is NOT a Video of 2 Republican State Senators Burning Books in Missouri

It may look like a scene out of "Fahrenheit 451," but we are told no actual books were harmed in the pyrotechnic display.

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