Meth Town Dude Launches Lawsuit Over Anti-LGBT Free Speech Crackdown

Like it or not . . .

There is a legit argument here inasmuch as government bodies running public forums typically have rules and/or must abide by constitutional protections in order to provide some space for commentary.


In a lawsuit filed last Friday in federal court, Jason Vollmecke, who lost his bid for a school board seat in April 2022, accused leadership, including superintendent Dale Herl, of restricting free speech, retaliation and disregarding due process. The lawsuit goes on to say Herl’s decision to ban Vollmecke from school grounds following a January incident at a school board meeting “constitutes unlawful viewpoint discrimination.”

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Man sues Independence schools, says he was banned for criticizing LGBTQ, COVID policies

A former Independence school board candidate raised concerns about the district removing a book with gender-neutral pronouns from the library. Then he was banned from school grounds.