Lee's Summit School District Rolls Back Tax Rate: Kansas City Public Schools Should Too

It's exceptionally rare and newsworthy when somebody gives cash back.

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A think tank tax fighter tells us: 

"I commend Lee's Summit R7 school district for doing the right thing & rolling their property tax rates back more than required by law after the assessment increases."

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Why is LSR7 rolling back its tax rate?

"While LSR7 is not legally required to roll back their rate this year because of the levy transfer election, the district does plan to roll back the rate to meet the integrity of the ballot question. It was never the intention of the District to experience a windfall from this ballot issue because of large increases in assessed valuation. The intent of the rollback is to more accurately reflect the revenue the District anticipated with the data available at the time of the election. Rolling back the tax rate means that the district will not collect $22 million that it would otherwise have collected based on the operating tax ceiling."

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Updated: County Assessments & LSR7 Tax Rates FAQ

The Lee's Summit R-7 School District plans to rollback its tax levy this September by more than 59 cents to offset significant increases in assessed valuation this year.