Lee's Summit Launches Property Tax Assessment Lawsuit Against Jackson County

Today's municipal power move offers more legal credibility to tax fighter complaints.

Here's the basics and the news round-up:

Lee's Summit claims in its lawsuit that Jackson County hiked property assessments "beyond the allowable percentage," failed to inform property owners of the rise in property valuations, did not perform mandatory property inspections and did not "correctly and timely" factor in new construction.

More than 54,000 Jackson County property owners filed a property tax appeal this year, while thousands of other individuals reported "difficulty with the appeal process," including excessive hold times when calling the Assessment Department to website errors, according to a resolution from the Jackson County Legislature.

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Lee's Summit files lawsuit against Jackson County, Missouri over property assessments

Nearly 55,000 Jackson County residents filed appeals over their assessments.

City of Lee's Summit sues Jackson County for 'failures' in property-assessment process

The city of Lee's Summit is suing Jackson County, Missouri, County Executive Frank White, Jr. and County Assessor Gail McCann Beatty for alleged failures in assessing property values in the county.

Lee's Summit sues Jackson County over property tax assessment

More than 54,000 appeals have been filed, a state audit is underway and a class action lawsuit has been filed.

Lee's Summit sues Jackson County over property assessments, claims it's costing the city money

The mayor of Lee's Summit says the county has "offered one excuse after another" for it's failure to properly reassess home values and claims the city is missing out on needed tax revenue as a result.

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