Kansas Young Republicans & Prog Bloggers Decry American 'Gerontocracy' Politics

There has been a great deal of the criticism of old school leaders from both sides aisle but this note seems worthwhile given that 2024 might find us watching yet another sequel of Grumpy Old Men

Here's the word from people quickly approaching middle-age who are, in turn, despised by Gen-Z: 

In case you didn’t know, “gerontocracy” means a society ruled by the elderly. President Joe Biden hit 80 in November, and challenger Donald Trump follows close behind at age 77. Polling shows that the public sees Biden’s age as a hindrance, and no wonder. Modern political coverage reads like bulletins from a particularly Machiavellian senior center.

Credit to our 2nd favorite prog blog for talking to the other side . . .

Dustin Morris, chairman of Kansas Young Republicans, highlighted Romney’s willingness to cede the stage to a new generation.

“Whether it’s local politicians doing that or local political activists doing that, there needs to be an investment,” he told Kansas Reflector editor Sherman Smith. “Say it was the next crop of folks we want to see lead. We’re going to put them in the leadership positions, whether that’s precinct committee levels, national committee levels, you name it.”

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Graying politicians across Kansas, U.S. hoard power. A volatile world warrants youthful leadership. - Kansas Reflector

As our country tries to engage more young people in civic life, perhaps they deserve the chance to vote for folks who look like them.