Kansas Study Seyz: Go To College

Insight on the economy and the wasted effort of your parents and the questionable decision to major in Communication Studies rather than pursue a more lucrative career as a doctor and/or drug dealer. Same difference.


Failure of state lawmakers, education leaders and employers to address labor gaps, especially demand for recipients of bachelor’s degrees, could impede economic development through 2030.

“We hear a message, and I believe this too, that not everyone needs a baccalaureate degree,” said Blake Flanders, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas Board of Regents. “The fact of the matter is the data says there are a lot of people who will need a baccalaureate degree.”

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Labor study: Kansas faces shortfall of 34,000 college-educated workers through 2030 - Kansas Reflector

A new University of Kansas economic study indicated Kansas was on pace to fall 34,000 short in terms of college-educated workers through 2030.