Kansas Rancher Laments Trans Crackdown Targeting His Grandson

We're a sucker for a powerful testimonial . . . Here's a powerful realization about how policy can impact families across demographic lines . . . Check-it . . .

"The attitude demonstrated by legislative leadership and the Legislature as a whole was astounding. Couched in false narratives about “freedom,” many legislators worked diligently to ostracize a specific minority group of their fellow Kansans and constituents. Party members spoke in public about their desire to make it so miserable for those who were different from them that they would have no choice but to flee the state."

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Take it from this grandparent of a transgender teen: Kansas legislators chose ignorance - Kansas Reflector

I am the grandfather of a transgender teenager. Check that. I am the proud grandfather of a transgender teenager. Two years ago as we sat around our kitchen table, a brave 13 year old confided in us that he was transgender, that since age 6 he had been uncomfortable with his female birth gender, and [...]