Kansas Politico Didn't Have Any Proof For Abortion Survival Horror Story Testimony

Many of us might agree that abortion is always tragic and the worst option for women without any place to go for help . . . However . . . We can only hope that even amid objections to the practice, we can all agree that ACCURATE DEETS & TESTIMONY is a big part of making a valid case against this medical procedure once again confronting debate . . . Here's a bit of advocacy that's not confronting challenges and overall weakens the case of abortion opponents . . . Check-it:

The lawmaker, Rep. Ron Bryce, acknowledges he had little first-hand evidence for the claims he repeated on and off the House floor. He speculated that abortion providers murder infants, and his testimony appeared to be based on unreliable data.

“Abortion takes the life of a child, but what if the baby is too tough to die quickly?” Bryce said in testimony during a committee hearing. “What are the options for the abortion provider? … Actively kill the baby.”

Responding to questions for this story, Bryce said in an email he doesn’t know of any cases of infants surviving abortions in Kansas.

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