Kansas City Underground Film Fest 2023

Movies are the new books inasmuch as everybody just watches quickie online clips and most people forgot how to read.

Still . . . We were gonna post an online KC hottie vlog but decided this artsy news item was more suitable for the public discourse given that readers might actually explore outside of their comfort zone and buy a ticket . . . Check-it . . .

"For the last three years, the Kansas City Underground Film Festival has offered a space for up-and-coming filmmakers to show their work and find audiences. Entry fees are waived for local filmmakers, and tickets to the films are free and open to the public. The latest iteration of the festival, held at the Charlotte Street Foundation starting tonight and running through next weekend, offers KCUFF’s strongest lineup yet, with movies from around the world made with a variety of budgets. The common denominator: determination, ingenuity, and wild creativity. Here are a few of this year’s programming highlights."

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Kansas City Underground Film Festival offers its strongest lineup yet

Eldritch, USA. // Courtesy image Sam Raimi. George Romero. Greta Gerwig. Richard Linklater. Cheryl Dunye. All of these filmmakers (and many more) are among the cinema luminaries who got their start making low-budget and no-budget independent movies with little more than vague dreams, available equipment, and a cadre of willing collaborators.