Kansas City Susana Gibson Connections?!?

Spoiler alert . . . We're reveling in political smut deets mostly as metaphor. 

Still, in as much as there remains a great deal of down low info that Kansas City voters DON'T want to know . . . This town does have a loose connection to a sordid sexy tale. 

And all of this is probably part of the reason that most voters stay away from polls.

Just a few hints . . .

The Mayor is a married dude who lives a MOSTLY boring life . . . But his team is notorious for turning 29th floor into something that might resemble the rule of Caligula. We're only exaggerating a little. 

Also . . . 

In KC politics right now there are no less than 2 dudes with wives of "convenience" who likely don't really care about the "extracurricular" of their hubbies. 

And then . . .

Our 2nd least favorite council dude is, reportedly, a fall down drunk but he keeps telling everyone he's gonna be the next Mayor. 

And he might be right. 

Accordingly . . . 

We've all got problems and issues of our own. 

So we don't wanna get too "judgy" about a camgirl who wants to take her game to politics.

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Developing . . .