Kansas City Stitch: Building Northland Data, American Life & Tech Winning

Right now the fashion goodness of EmRata inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Rolling Work Around

First Alert Traffic: Buck O'Neil Bridge project brings traffic closures and detours for Aug. 30 - Sept. 6

The Buck O'Neil Bridge project is set to bring a series of closures and traffic pattern changes, impacting motorists in the Kansas City area.

Crafting Community Access

Kansas City's accessible baseball field gets major renovation

At the YMCA's Challenger Sports Complex near Highway 152 and Platte Purchase Road, the Mark Teahen Family Baseball Field has a new look.

Neighborhood Bounce

Rubberized sidewalks popping up in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood

It's all part of an effort to make the sidewalks last long in places where concrete sidewalks have struggled.

Tech Across The Bridge

Site activity arises for potential $600M Google data center in Northland - Kansas City Business Journal

Representatives for Shalerock LLC, the entity Google has used in connection with a potential Kansas City data center project, this month submitted private grading and infrastructure review applications for 71.2 acres in Hunt Midwest Business Center.

Good Life Before It's Rezoned

A Prairie Village Ranch Wows with Wide Open Spaces and Old-World Appeal - IN Kansas City Magazine

In this story, you'll meet a Paris-loving, espresso-drinking, Nikon-shooting former ranch kid who has become a successful marketing consultant and a serial renovator. Quite by chance. Growing up in southeast Kansas running cattle and riding his quarter-horse, the tall guy likes to make things happen. After 30 days of Covid lockdown in 2020, he admits,...

Fashion Diva Walks In White

EmRata's all-white look highlights her love of this iconic walking boot

She wore the all-white look while walking her dog, Colombo, in New York City. See the full outfit here:

Bragger In Chief?!?

Washington Post fact-checker busts several of Biden's go-to personal stories: 'Tradition of embellishing'

Washington Post chief fact-checker Glenn Kessler grilled President Joe Biden over several tall tales he has told over the course of this political career.

MAGA Confronts Court Crackdown

A net of justice is tightening around 2020 election deniers and may be closing in on Trump | CNN Politics

It turns out that there is a heavy price for trying to steal votes, defaming defenseless election workers and invading the US Capitol to try to thwart a democratic transfer of presidential power. And accountability is moving ever closer to Donald Trump.

Newbie Earns Policy Rebuke

Ramaswamy isolates himself on Ukraine with proposed Putin pact

When the Fox News hosts asked the eight Republican presidential candidates on the debate stage last week who would not support continued funding for Ukraine, only Vivek Ramaswamy raised his hand. The 38-year-old entrepreneur and political newcomer has laid out a radical stance on foreign policy, featuring what his critics see as a Putin-friendly proposal...

Partisan Divide Even In Death

Southerners Die Younger Than Other Americans. It's Not Why You Think.

It's not poverty or diet. Centuries-old settlement patterns - and the attitudes they spawned about government's role in public health - are to blame.

War In Europe Showdown

Russia Has Deployed Its Last Reserve Division To Southern Ukraine. Did A Ukrainian Screw-Up Make That Possible?

What changed to convince the Kremlin it safely could redeploy a whole division?

Smut Censorship Pushed Back

Court Rules in Pornhub's Favor in Finding Texas Age-Verification Law Violates First Amendment

Score one for Pornhub: A federal judge ruled Thursday that a Texas law requiring pornography sites to institute age-verification measures and add prominent warning labels about the alleged dangers ...

Latest Offering For Golden Ghetto Wine Moms . . .

'Super, super, super laid-back' KC wine store is opening soon in Johnson County

This wine store has gained a following at its original location in Kansas City. Now it's expanding.

Weekend Warm Up Ahead . . .

FOX4 Forecast: Chamber of Commerce Weather!

View today's latest video forecast for the Kansas City area in both Kansas and Missouri from the FOX4 weather team.

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