Kansas City Star Can't Beat Sen. Hawley's Favorite Meat

This bit of foodie analogy writing is likely the most unsavory thing we've read from the newspaper in weeks. 

Here's the premise that's sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth regarding the future of print media:

The Missouri Republican is the type of senator who draws strong reactions. Some people adore him, some people despise him. The oddest, and most frequent, thing I hear is how many people find him handsome. It comes from people of all political persuasions — even a Canadian I met while visiting Montreal.

Food is both a unifying and polarizing force in politics. When politicians want to do some good old-fashioned, wrist-grabbing politicking, they’ll get caught on camera eating a cheesesteak, or an ice cream cone, or a pork chop.

So when I was in Kansas City last month, I did what anyone who spends too much time thinking about politicians would do: I tried Hawley’s favorite dish in the city.

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I tried the Kansas City barbecue that Josh Hawley loves. He's right: It's great

Daniel Desrochers, The Star's Washington correspondent, spends an unusual amount of time thinking about Josh Hawley, even what food the senator prefers. Because that's his job.