Kansas City Short-Term Rentals Strike Back After Crackdown

During the election . . . There was a hope the some council members would help to try and prevent every decent neighborhood from becoming a hotel district.

The regs were skimpy at best and basically added up to the "cost of doing biz" for most operators. 

Still . . . Legal push back is now confronting recent challenges. 

Here are the basics . . .

A group of property owners and hosts have a multitude of problems with the city's process of approval, but at the core they say is fairness.

"Was there any rational basis to do this?" said Megan Duma, the group's short-term rental attorney.

She believes the city was wrong in how it approved certain short-term rental permits for a few people while denying others.

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Kansas City short-term rental fight continues in front of zoning board

The legal fight for short-term rentals in Kansas City, Missouri, continued in front of the city's Board of Zoning Adjustment on Tuesday.