Kansas City Sammich Ride In The Sky Tacitly Admits American Life Absurdity

The reactionary temptation is to throw shade on this kind of publicity stunt. 

However . . .

Think for a second and see the opportunity. 

In all of human history . . . Of BILLIONS OF PEOPLE who have walked the Earth before our time . . . FEW have had the opportunity to eat a sammich in the sky. 

And so . . . This opportunity puts locals above monarchs, warlords and scientists throughout the ages by offering a chance to chow down amongst the clouds.

Here's how to do it . . .

Anyone hoping to grab a seat on the Subway Blimp will need to act quickly.

Each ride will accommodate six people. Only 40 people will be allowed to ride the blimp each day when it is in Kansas City Sept. 5-7.

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How to reserve a seat on Subway's Kansas City restaurant in the sky

Kansas City will welcome the Subway in the Sky blimp Sept. 5-7 with reservations for rides opening Saturday, Sept. 2.