Kansas City Politicos Chat UAW Strike

Strong social media statements collected in this overview and tipping point for American Labor.

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"Politicians on the local, state and federal level have different opinions about what led to the strike, but they all want it to end."

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Kansas, Missouri lawmakers react to United Auto Workers strike, call for quick resolution

Elected leaders representing the Kansas City metropolitan area are calling on a quick resolution to the United Auto Workers strike against the 3 major American car manufacturers.

UAW Worker: 'These Jobs Were Gold Standard' - NerdWallet

United Auto Workers is on strike against the Big Three auto companies. One UAW worker says they just want to "get back to a better standard of living."

'This is a generational fight': UAW strikes in Wentzville, Missouri

"I'm a single mom. I have three daughters that need their mom to make a house payment, and pay for food, to help them with everything," Wentzville GM employee Katie Eise said.

No UAW strike impacts in the Kansas City metro area - at least yet

The national UAW have been on strike since 11 pm Central time Thursday Sept. 15.  

Local UAW explains why they have yet to strike, expert explains unique strike strategy

The nationwide UAW strike is rounding out its first day. The local Ford plant in Claycomo and GM assembly location have not officially gone on strike, but are waiting to be called to.

Ford, GM temporarily lay off employees at plants affected by UAW strike

Ford will lay off 600 employees at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. General Motors laid off 2,000 employees at Fairfax Assembly in Kansas.

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