Kansas City Playlist: Be Careful At Beyoncé

Quick note for weekend party people at the outset of yet another iconic show coming to town. 

Point of fact . . . Beyoncé has a diverse group of fans and her performances aren't EXACTLY analogous to the legion of tweens and fancy gentlemen who adore Taylor Swift. 

This isn't just bloggy concern . . . Police are sharing tips hoping that fans keep safe during the concert.

Check this quick rundown on the topic . . .

The Beyoncé Arrowhead Stadium Guide

Please avoid the stadium area if you are not attending the concert. Once the concert is over, the westbound I-70 off-ramp to Blue Ridge Cutoff will be closed, as will southbound Blue Ridge Cutoff north of I-70. Northbound Blue Ridge Cutoff will be closed at Raytown Road, and all traffic exiting Gate 4 will be directed westbound to Ozark and Eastern.

Looking for Beyonce tickets? Experts warn of scams before Kansas City concert

With another popular concert this weekend as Beyoncé's Renaissance tour comes into town, experts are once again warning about ticket scams.

$4,000 for Beyoncé: Here's how much Kansas City fans spent on the Renaissance World Tour

50,000 Beyoncé fans are coming from near and far to see the final stop in the pop star's Renaissance World Tour. Visit KC expects the show to generate more than $13 million for the local economy. KCUR spoke to Beyhive members in Kansas City and across the world about how they're preparing for the concert at Arrowhead Stadium.

Accordingly . . .

In all likelihood . . . Fans who are alert and cognizant of their surroundings should be fine no matter what happens.

But there's nothing wrong with being cautious.

C'mon man . . . You never know when some "meatball" will start and/or encourage trouble in an effort to gain Internets clout. 

Accordingly, tonight our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist is dedicated to Queen B and her musical legacy in hopes that the event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Crazy in Love is our favorite Beyoncé song because it's actually danceable and lacks any redeeming social message. This was a glorious time in her career when her media persona capitalized on hotness and catchy tunes and not her politics.

Single Ladies is a club anthem that everybody knows . . . This was the crossover point in her career when the Queen B was no longer just a musical diva but now a "leader" in the community and amongst more impressionable white women.

Before we go forward . . . Let's take a peek back at Queen B's days with Destiny's Child. This is their best song in celebration of white ladies for a garbage reboot of Charlie's Angles. Think about that for a sec and realize that EVERYONE must sacrifice if they ever hope to achieve greatness.

For REAL fans of the diva "Halo" is one of the best examples of her vocal range and should convince even the most skeptical listeners that she is, indeed, exceptionally talented.

Music fans might not know this but Beyoncé was once voted "the most politically divisive" celebrity in the U.S. but that was before 2020 and the cultural shift that now has white dudes singing hard luck songs online

In any event . . . The track "Formation" seems to exemplify her current work. It's a disjointed song that's more screed and proclamation than anything that someone might want to dance to or sing in the shower. 

Nevertheless . . . 

The concert has been enthusiastically endorsed by most of our Kansas City "leaders" and we serve only to worry that everyone will have a good time without incident. 

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.