Kansas City Pharma Walkout Worsens Across Missouri & Midwest

Today more pharmacists are joining the fight against corporate bosses . . . Check the basics:

"These walkouts are expected to continue Wednesday across the country, including locations in Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, Burbank, CA, and multiple stores in Oklahoma, according to an employee who has worked for CVS for 15 years."

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CVS employees protesting 'brutal work environment' with walkouts across Missouri; another planned for Wednesday - ABC17NEWS

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMIZ) CVS Pharmacy employees across Missouri are protesting what they are calling "poor working conditions and sub-par Regional leadership". ABC 17 News spoke with six employees of CVS, four of which work at a Mid-Missouri CVS locations. All six wished to remain anonymous due to the possibility of retaliation.

'Impossible': CVS pharmacists demand more staff to meet need for COVID vaccines, prescriptions

The COVID-19 booster rollout might be a bumpy one as local pharmacy employees are planning another walkout this week.

Update . . .

Another round of CVS pharmacist walkouts hits KC's Northland

Some CVS pharmacy services in Kansas City's Northland were hobbled Wednesday after another round of walkouts from pharmacists.

CVS customer reacts to rumors of walkouts, staffing shortages slowing prescription orders and vaccinations

A rumored pharmacist walkout may be the reason CVS pharmacies are slow to fill prescriptions and administer vaccinations.

Fast Company:  In Kansas City, pharmacists protesting against years of understaffing have forced over a dozen locations to close. Could the rest of the country be next?

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