Kansas City Newsflash Links: Royals Suck Near Record FAIL & More Shutdown Fear

Okay, the EPIC compilation is too time consuming and we like spitting out quick tidbits of info in myc the same way that 54-year-old hottie Jen is still living off of all her old 90s-era Friends one-liners which inspires this quick peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Cowtown Braces For Impact

How government shutdown could affect Kansas City, federal services

With a deadline looming, concerns grow over the potential of a federal government shutdown and the effects it could have locally in Kansas City.

Actually, Nobody But Neighbors Really Care . .  

Kansas City Council's rare vote on fate of historic mansion causes joy and shock

The 110-year-old George B. Richards Southmoreland house won't be torn down. Kansas City Council voted to place it on the historic register.

Check Blaze Of Glory Rescue Clip

KCFD shares video of crews fighting fire at two-story home near 2800 block of Van Brunt

Two firefighters were treated at the scene for heat-related issues

Local Families Impacted By Bad Politics?!?

Parents who rely on WIC worry about government shutdown

Parents who rely on food benefits are closely watching the possibility of a federal government shutdown.

Kansas City 'Kingdom' Approach Record Losses

Royals bullpen stinks as Tigers sweep doubleheader

Carlos Hernández continues his struggles.

Never Too Old To Go Natural

Jennifer Aniston, 54, bares all in just bra and underwear in glam photoshoot

JENNIFER Aniston has flaunted her figure in a brand new photoshoot. The Friends star graced the cover of the Muses edition of CR Fashion Book. Jen, 54, let out her inner model in a series of pics t...

Newsflash: It's Newsome

Democrats may have already picked Joe Biden's successor

There is growing speculation President Biden could be grooming a successor to run for the White House in 2028, and it may not be Kamala Harris.

MAGA Won't Move?!?

Donald Trump tells judge he will not try to move his Georgia election subversion case to federal court | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump will not attempt to move the criminal charges brought against him by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to federal court, his lawyers revealed in a court filing Thursday.

Dems Still In Doubt

The case for panicking over Biden's reelection campaign

Some Democrats are terrified about Biden's chances for winning another White House term. One of them explains why.

Nothing Changes In Ongoing European War

Opinion | Ukraine Is Still David. Russia Is Still Goliath.

This is what is worrying me about the war.

Far East Tech War Persists

US issues stark warning about China's information efforts | CNN Politics

The US State Department issued a striking warning in a report on Thursday accusing the Chinese government of expanding efforts to control information, disseminate propaganda and disinformation that promotes "digital authoritarianism" in China and around the world.

Golden Ghetto Good Life Gets Even Richer

Betty Rae's ice cream opening first Johnson County location Friday, with sweet deals

The first 50 customers can order up to three free scoops.

R&B Economy Booms

Beyonce's concert this weekend boosting Kansas City economy

Visit KC said Kansas City is looking at about $13 million in direct economic impact from the Renaissance World Tour coming to town.

Katie Can't Decide . . .

Temperatures continue to soar above normal

Is it autumn or summer?

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.