Kansas City Line: Autumn Celebration, Shutdown Threats & Prez Obama Deuce

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Check TKC news gathering . . .

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Locals Help New Friends

Literacy KC empowers non-English speakers with free English language learning classes

In a heartwarming effort to foster inclusivity and empower non-English speakers in our community, Literacy KC has been providing free English Language Learning (ELL) classes.

First Responders Rank Well

KCFD place 3rd & 4th in World EMS Competition

The Emergency Medical Services [EMS] World Expo and Competition was in held in New Orleans this week and KCFD took center stage, finishing in 3rd and 4th place.

Autumn Party Time Arrives

Kansas City is full of fall festivals, whether you're looking for crisp, cozy or creepy

Autumn is perhaps the best time of year in the Midwest, and all around the Kansas City region, people are ready to celebrate. Whether you're pro-pumpkin or already in macabre mode (or both!), here are some must-do events throughout the season.

Rolling KCMO Goodness Debuts

Owners Of Waldo Thai And Buck Tui create Sandos Shack: A Food Truck Serving Fusion Comfort Food

Owners of Buck Tui and Waldo Thai are launching a new sister business - Sandos Shack, a food truck that specializes in fusion comfort food.

Help Kansas City Puppers

It's Time to Strutt with Your Mutt!

5K Run and 3K Walk Supports Life Saving Programs at Wayside Waifs

Diva Grants Wishes

Carmen Electra shares which body part is the most requested on her OnlyFans

"Baywatch" alum Carmen Electra revealed the body part that she gets the most requests for on her OnlyFans account, which she launched in May 2022.


Dems could discard Biden for Michelle Obama in 2024, Ted Cruz claims

Former first lady Michelle Obama could be "parachuted in" at the 2024 Democratic National Convention and be named the party's nominee for president instead of Joe Biden, according to Sen. Ted Cruz.

MAGA Shocks Tech Fans

Trump claims Biden's 'ridiculous all-electric car hoax' partially to blame for UAW strike

Former President Trump took aim at Biden administration electric vehicle (EV) policy, claiming the president's "ridiculous all-electric car hoax" is responsible for the United Auto Workers strike against major automakers. "Crooked Joe sold them down the river with his ridiculous all Electric Car Hoax," Trump said on Truth Social in the early morning Saturday.

Dem Senator Defiant

Sen. Bob Menendez defiant amid calls to resign over bribery charges: ‘I am not going anywhere’

The governor and other New Jersey Democrats, including a member of Congress, called for the Democratic senator's resignation after he was indicted on bribery charges.

No Good Options For GOP?!?

McCarthy stares into the shutdown abyss

The speaker has only one clear exit route away from a government closure: working with Democrats. It's a path he still refuses to take.

Rumors Of War

Ukrainian forces have broken through in Verbove, top general says | CNN

The general leading Ukraine's counteroffensive along the southern front line says his forces have broken through in Verbove - and predicts an even bigger breakthrough to come.

Far East Frustration

Opinion | The U.S. Is Pulling Back From China. How Far Is Too Far?

The backlash against trade with the Chinese should not cause America to retreat from the rest of the world.

Soldier Rebukes White House

Navy SEAL Sheehy slams Biden's 'shameful' hostage exchange with Iran, 'dangerous' foreign policy decisions

Tim Sheehy, the Republican Senate candidate from Montana, said that President Biden's foreign policy decisions are "empowering one of America's most persistent and aggressive adversaries."

Meet Powerful Lady

The New Face of Nuclear Energy Is Miss America

Grace Stanke, soon to be a nuclear fuels engineer, is trying to help the industry recapture public support.

Old School Hustle Endorsed

Why seniors should be having more sex - even at 90, scientists say

A 2023 study found that frequent sex in people between ages 75 and 90 promoted better cognitive health.

Home Team Surges After Season Over

Royals take advantage of Astros miscues for 7-5 win

The Royals score seven runs on just five hits.

Stormy Weather Saturday

Severe storms expected to roll through Saturday evening

Saturday will have high temperatures around 83 degrees; severe storms likely to start at around 4:00 p.m., bringing lightning, hail, and possibly tornadoes.

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