Kansas City Irony: Reparations Commish Desperately Seeking Cash

Our journalistic nemesis and/or future wife Mary Sanchez recently crafted controversial prose that reads more like a love letter than a news report. 

The basics . . . 


Real talk . . . 

Eventually, KCMO taxpayers are going to have to pay for it which seems unfair given that there's not white, Asian or Latino representation on the commission. 

Meanwhile . . . Here's a peek at the group attempting to dodge the sordid topic of coin . . .

Janay Reliford, chair of the coalition, said that it is important that the public stay engaged, including supporting finding adequate funding for the research. 

“When the coalition first began our work to get the commission seated, Mayor Quinton Lucas made a commitment to help secure funding for his commission,” Reliford said. “So, I would encourage residents to talk to the mayor about what’s going on with the commission and his funding.” 

Asking local religious groups for funding has also been suggested through various faith’s social justice arms.

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Supporters of Reparations Effort in Kansas City Seek Funds

A commission established by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas to study Black reparations is seeking funding to support its work.