Kansas City Crime Scene: Gangs Crackdown, Gunfire & Hope For Cold Case Justice

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Two Kansas City street gang leaders sentenced to three decades in prison for drive-by shooting, drug-trafficking

Ladele D. Smith, known as "Dellio", and Roy Franklin, Jr., received were sentenced in federal court on Monday.

Owner of KC pawn shop sentenced for selling stolen goods on eBay - Kansas City Business Journal

As part of the scheme, individuals stole goods at area retail stores and sold them to the KC pawn shop. It then resold them online.

Kansas police say Zaiylah Bronson was killed while pregnant. Those deaths are rising

Homicide is a leading cause of maternal mortality, and experts say the problem is getting worse.

16-year-old Missouri boy found shot and killed, 70-year-old man arrested

Thomas Ribby was arrested after police said a 16-year-old Missouri boy was found shot and killed Sunday night, authorities said.

'A time bomb': In Kansas, cities allowed to hire police officers with little vetting

Marion police chief's hiring before newspaper raid highlights how Kansas doesn't require cities to perform deep background checks on police officer applicants.

Whistleblower reveals script used for fundraising for Overland Park Police Foundation

Nicholas Woodall is a former telemarketer for Outreach Marketing LLC of Tempe, Arizona.

Kansas City family still seeking justice 3 years after shooting

3 years after 16-year-old Anthony Strassle was shot and killed in Kansas City, his family says they're desperate for answers absent arrests

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