Kansas City Conservative Blog To Progressive Missouri School Tech: Stop Snitchin

This time around right-wing activists argue against the emergence of a social credit system via public education tech . . . To their credit, clandestine rating tech has confounded both hotties and restaurants since the dawn of the Internets . . . Now people will suffer the same consequences. 


"A Missouri school district is among many in the U.S. using what critics call anonymous snitching systems to report on so-called “equity” and “bias” incidents."

Consequences . . .

"Punishment meted out by the system can include “disciplinary action or educational/restorative practices” for students and an unspecified administrative process for employees and teachers. But “restorative practices” could be a fancy way of saying re-education training for wrong thinking . . ."

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Ripe for abuse? Missouri school district uses anonymous reporting systems for 'racism, bias, sexism, microaggressions'

One parents group is warning such systems as the one used in the Webster Groves School District (WGSD) near St. Louis are ripe for abuse.