Kansas City Chiefs State Farm Commercials Killing Dynasty?!?

Quick answer . . . YES. 

Don't worry, I have proof.

Best evidence . . . An American parable from the golden age of 1980s cinema:

The opening scene of Rocky III

The montage tells a simple tale . . . Going soft is a way of life and the luxury afforded champions so often plays a roll in their inevitable downfall. 

Consider . . . The NFL is filled with dudes much bigger, stronger and meaner than Mr. T . . . Even in his prime. 

Also . . . The 80s is a great place to start . . . BECAUSE . . . Not so long ago jocks were forced to wait YEARS for endorsement deal that only came after retirement as to not interfere with their careers. NOW, big money deals are part of the game and provide a profitable yet very real DISTRACTION. 

Accordingly . . . 

So far, this season, the Chiefs are better salesman than ballers . . . Here's today's reminder:

State Farm hopes the friends, and teammates, will be a winning combination in a new commercial.

The insurance company will debut a new ad Sunday during the Chiefs-Jaguars game in Jacksonville. It’s the third State Farm ad featuring Mahomes to be released since the NFL season began less than two weeks ago.

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Kansas City Chiefs Mahomes, Kelce bundle themselves in new State Farm ad

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce star in a new 'MaAuto' State Farm commercial.