Kansas City Cake: Fiesta Time, Strike Talk, Latino & Black Community Doubt Prez

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Cowtown Time For Fiesta

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in Kansas City-area with Fiesta Hispana

For the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, the annual Fiesta Hispana kicked off at the Barney Allis Plaza. Over 50 vendors and performers will be keeping the party going all weekend.

Golden Ghetto Inferno Postscript

Six people, one suspect transported to hospital after disturbance, house fire

Shawnee police confirmed a house fire and disturbance sent seven people to the hospital early Saturday morning.

Precautions After Tragedy

New rules for repurposed WWII-era duck boats aim to improve safety on 16 in use after drownings

Five years after 17 people died when a duck boat sank on a Missouri lake, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued new rules for the amphibious World War II vessels retrofitted for tourist excursions.

Found Via John 'EPIC' Combest: Another Gamble On Vice . . .

Missouri sports teams fight to legalize betting

Missouri's professional sports teams are tired of relying on lawmakers in Jefferson City to legalize sports betting.

Show-Me Dead-Tree Drama

Mitt Romney yelled at Josh Hawley on Jan. 6 because of what he's taken from the GOP | Opinion

As he announces his retirement, the Republican stalwart has some harsh truth for the new faces of his party. | Opinion

Rock Chalk Mercy For Flightless

Kansas cancels its fall turkey hunting season amid declining populations in pockets of the US

Kansas has documented "consistent declines" in turkey populations over the last 15 years, the state's Department of Wildlife and Parks said in a statement.

EPIC Planning To Protest Themselves Out Of Future Jobs

Local UAW explains why they have yet to strike, expert explains unique strike strategy

The nationwide UAW strike is rounding out its first day. The local Ford plant in Claycomo and GM assembly location have not officially gone on strike, but are waiting to be called to.

Navigating Traffic Trouble

First Alert Traffic: Plan ahead for closures for Prospect Avenue ramps to Interstate 70

Key changes and closures to the route will impact the daily commutes of thousands.

Talents Shared As B-Day Treat

Sommer Ray Melts Instagram With Her 'Birthday Shoot' Videos

Instagram sensation Sommer Ray shows off her curves while wearing a series of revealing outfits for her pre-birthday shoot!

Legit Community Skepticism Confronts White House

Three reasons Biden is struggling with Black and Latino voters

A recent spate of polling paints a bad picture of declining support for the president from voters of color. But just how worrisome is it?

Former Prez Promises Fix

Trump wants to bring the country together on abortion: 'Both sides are going to like me'

The former president, who nominated three conservative Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, wouldn't say whether he prefers bans at the state or federal level.

Newsflash: Congress Lady Admits Mistake

Boebert, caught on video, apologizes for inappropriate behavior at 'Beetlejuice' show

The congressmember had denied acting inappropriately until surveillance video surfaced showing her disrupting the performance.

Progressive City Po-Po Double Down On Mocking Dead

Seattle cop defends laughing about 'limited value' grad student killed in police car collision

The Seattle cop who laughed at the death of a graduate student of "limited value" who was killed by his speeding colleague defended his callous remarks.

Debating EPIC Take Home Pay

'I don't want to hear whining': Ballooning CEO pay galvanizes support for UAW

The historic strike puts an exclamation point on more than a decade of efforts by Washington lawmakers to narrow the pay gap between top executives and workers.

Supply Chain Impacts Defense

Ukraine Isn't the Reason the U.S. Is Unprepared for War

A lack of defense production has created an alarming gap between America's strategy and its capabilities.

Axis Offers Deadly Tech Tour

Russia gives Kim Jong Un an inside look at its warplanes | CNN

Kim Jong Un was "deeply impressed" by a visit to a Russian aircraft manufacturing plant on Friday, according to North Korean state media.

Don't Chicken Out On Critical Role Of Turkey

Turkey's Erdogan says country could part ways with EU if necessary

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Ankara could part ways with the European Union if necessary when asked about the recent adoption of the European Parliament's report on Turkey. Speaking to reporters ahead of his trip to the United States, Erdogan also said the European Union is making moves to distance itself from Turkey.

Cartel Heir Faces U.S. Reach

El Chapo's son extradited from Mexico to the US, Justice Department says | CNN

Ovidio Guzman Lopez, son of Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, has been extradited from Mexico to the United States, the US Department of Justice has announced.

Fam Sacrifices For Career

Porn star's wife reveals how his job impacts their sex life

Katy Bampton married adult content creator Robbie after just four months of dating, admitting while she was initially put off by his line of work, her mindset has now completely shifted.

Artsy Life Emerges Down By River

Murals with a message are a new part of this popular Kansas City riverfront walking trail

The murals all painted by women speak to empowerment and also brighten an area that was once covered in graffiti

TKC Fact Check: Drinking Beer & Playing Softball Is NOT Sport

Remembering KCK's 1st Mexican immigrants, their contribution to America's pastime

Baseball might be America's favorite past time, but in KCK, its history has ties to Mexico and Hispanic immigrants who came to work in the Midwest.

Early Season Showdown Threatens To Make/Break Chiefs

The Chiefs vs. Jaguars Storyline That No One Is Talking About

The KC Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars had high expectations entering the season, and a Week 2 matchup could have playoff implications down the line.

Home Team Too Little, Too Late

Zerpa shoves, Royals rap three homers in 4-2 win over Astros

Take that, defending champs.

Katie Calls Weekend

Scattered storms possible today, mainly in MO

Chance of afternoon storms for your Saturday, impact day.

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