Kansas City Brookside Mansion Good Life Inspires Moment Of Clarity

A lovely bit of real estate sponsored content got us thinking . . .

Maybe sticking your neck out too far in order to prop up crony capitalism and somebody else's generational wealth is for suckers. 

Are these people gonna send their grand-kids to fight in Ukraine???

To be fair . . . We have no love for Russians and don't trust them one bit . . . We'll take our stand when Vlad's tanks coming rolling down Southwest Trafficway . . . Until then, it's VERY AMERICAN TO BE SKEPTICAL ABOUT A NUKE WAR WITH A GLOBAL SUPER POWER.

Just something to think about whilst pondering one of the most beautiful breakfast nooks we've ever witnessed . . . Check-it deets about this house and it's restoration . . .  

It was the perfect scenario, says interior designer Maureen Lindstrom of the 1947 Brookside house she helped turn into a home for her clients. “They loved their street and neighborhood, and the house they found was the parents’ home of friends of theirs.”

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A Brookside house transforms into a family-friendly space for easy living and entertaining.

A traditional Brookside house is transformed into a family-friendly yet adult space for easy living and entertaining.