Johnson County Confronts COVID Spike

This town's 2nd favorite blog shares warning of pandemic comeback. 

The stats don't seem so fearsome but still inspire concern . . . Check-it:

Across the country, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 were up 5% this past week. In Johnson and Jackson Counties, the number of hospitalizations over the past week rose 86% and 42%, respectively.

Still, total reported case numbers during this spike are far lower than in past waves and increasing at a slower rate — though many positive cases likely don’t show up in the data due to the prevalence of at-home testing.

The rising case numbers are unfortunately leading to more employees out sick, temporarily undercutting some of the strides hospitals have made in staffing. Chakshu Gupta, the chief medical officer for Liberty Hospital, said 25 employees tested positive this month.

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Johnson County's latest COVID spike stretching hospital resources

COVID-19 cases are again trending up in Jackson and Johnson counties, putting a strain on hospital resources - especially hospital staff.