JaxCo Prosecutor Mean Jean Decries 'Culture War' Accusations After Exoneration

This note might earn the prosecutor accolades after from progressive allies . . . Meanwhile, critics could question the lengthy tribute letter in the midst of a deadly crime wave. 

For the purposes of our conversation . . . This passage resonated because it attempt to cut off criticism:

"Recent years of culture wars have taught us that a minority is willing to have a strong opinion about a topic without the facts or understanding of the issues – and yell it loudly in echo chambers. Kevin will continue to encounter this very small vocal minority for whatever vested purpose they have for him to be guilty. Still, if Kevin could survive serving 44 years for a crime committed by others, then he can survive nonsense opinions."

 To be fair . . .

Not every disagreement is "nonsense" and when speaking about the Strickland case, Missouri Governor Parson advised voters to think about the victims of crimes who are often forgotten amid outcry for high-profile exonerations.

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