Jackson County Tax Levy Hearings Might Save Ur Broke-Ass Home

The real story on these meet-ups . . . There a way for politicos to gauge public participation and push back they'll get from continued incompetence. 

Here's a more optimistic view begging for public participation . . . Check-it:

Each hearing is open to the public. The hearings include cities, fire districts, school districts, libraries, water districts and other tax districts. The full schedule of the meetings is available on the Jackson County website.

There are more than 80 taxing jurisdictions in Jackson County.

Jackson County says its collection department uses the levy rates set at the hearings to determine the exact property tax each owner will need to pay.

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Why Jackson County property owners should care about these tax levy hearings

Jackson County leaders are asking homeowners and property owners to attend tax levy hearings where taxing districts set rates.