Jackson County Confesses 'Formulaic Error' As Property Tax Assessment Crisis Persists

Another victory for tax fighters that might come into play as the Missouri audit and a class-action lawsuit move forward . . . Check-it . . .

On Friday, the spokesperson for the assessor’s office sent an email regarding what they now admit is an error:

The Jackson County, Missouri, Assessor’s Office has successfully rectified a data error that caused multiple parcels to receive identical valuations. By Sunday, September 10, the assessed values of the majority of parcels that were mistakenly overvalued due to this input error will be corrected to reflect their fair market values.

In a statement, the Assessor’s Office acknowledged the issue, explaining “Earlier this year, we identified a formulaic error in our data that led to the duplication of property values. Once identified, we diligently worked to identify and correct all affected parcels. We are pleased to confirm that the values of these parcels have now been re-evaluated to accurately reflect their fair market values.”

Read the full statement here.

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Jackson County Assessment Department admits to data error affecting hundreds of taxpayers

The county blames the error on a "formulaic error in our data that led to the duplication of property values."