Grand Theft Auto Gamer Group Chat Liable For Tragic Student Un-Alive?!?

The big lesson here is that students lost to online garbage could be lost forever if they have serious mental health issues . . . Here's more perspective that deserves a peek:

"According to allegations filed in a wrongful death suit against the Liberty school district and seven faculty and staff at Liberty North, it is the “Mercenaries” — a group that the student founded — who played a significant role in LeBlanc’s agony."

"It’s an allegation, however, that the student denies, insisting that while the name may sound ominous, the Mercenaries were little more than a short-lived online chat group that took its name from the video game Grand Theft Auto."

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Suit says KC area 'Mercenaries' bullied teen who killed himself. Its leader speaks out

The leader of teens calling themselves the Mercenaries denies allegations that the group bullied Logan LeBlanc at Liberty North High School. A lawsuit claims otherwise.

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