Football Talker Shames Brittany Mahomes With Megan Markle Juxtaposition

More criticism as the season starts of our Kansas City homecoming royalty . . . Check-it . . .

   "Brittany Mahomes is starting to become like Megan Markle," Dan Dakich said. "I get it. Your husband could throw a football. I get your husband's a hero. I get it. We all get it. Who doesn't get it? We all get it.

    "But, damn, Brittany, what are we doing every day we gotta listen to you talk about how you don't give a damn. Every day we got to see where you're mad at somebody. You're a wife."

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"Brittany Mahomes is like Meghan Markle" - Dan Dakich irritated with Patrick Mahomes' wife's Instagram Q&A

Sports commentator Dan Dakich is fed up with Brittany Mahomes.