End Of World Party At The Well In Waldo

Our 2nd favorite Irish people in all of Kansas City share nostalgia and their dark sense of humor with loyal patroons . . . Check-it . . . Here's the info to help all of our functional alcoholic friends . . .

So Saturday, Sept. 9, is an “It’s The End of the Well as We Know It” Party, set to go until 1:30 a.m. Local band Big People will entertain with classic to modern rock covers, and The Well’s full grill and cocktail menus will be available. The restaurant (and roof) will be open all day, so swing through while you still have a chance.

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It's the end of popular rooftop bar in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood for now; $90M project underway

A well-known rooftop bar in Kansas City, Missouri's, Waldo neighborhood is closing its doors, for now.

Developing . . .