Crafty Hipsters Celebrate Kansas City 'Gender-Neutral' Square Dancing

Every few years somebody tries to bring back square dancing . . . It never works but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. 

This time around there's a political-bent and something to make a Kansas City ho-down even more off-putting.

Check-it . . .

It’s common for shindigs like this one to include references to gender. Traditional callers often use terms like "ladies" and "gents" to call out the steps. But here, violinist Rachel Krause has kicked off a new type of community dance. Oddball Hoedown brings all folks into the fold, no matter their gender.

“It is a queer-centered space," Krause said. "But all oddballs and weirdos alike are welcome, and those who have this shared placement of value upon, like, inclusivity and celebration and respect.”

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At Kansas City's new gender-neutral square dance, every pard'ner is welcome

You won't hear gendered terms like "ladies" and "gents" at a new square dance in the West Bottoms. Organizers of this do-si-do scene put an inclusive spin on the traditional American art form.